About the Conference

Since the first AIMS meeting in 1987, the Conference has become a regular meeting point for national and international mining and minerals experts.

We expect approximately 350 attendees, so you can look forward to meeting delegates from academic institutions, equipment suppliers, software providers, professionals from the mining industry and practitioners from consulting companies.

The Conference will feature invited keynote speakers, exhibitions by industry and key subtheme sessions with oral and poster presentations drawn from submitted abstracts. An additional objective of this Conference is to encourage students to showcase their research to support the next generation of mining professionals.

Industrialized countries' economies heavily rely on the continuous supply of mineral raw materials. The mining sector world-wide has to improve the mining processes, the technology and the efficiency to cope with the increasing demand of the industrialized countries as well as the emerging markets. This goes hand in hand with addressing the global challenge of sustainable development in mining.

Consequently the Symposium on Mineral Resources and Mine Development focuses on two interacting thematic areas – sustainable development and supply of mineral resources as well as mining processes and technology.