The Atlas Copco Berg- und Tunnelbautechnik GmbH is part of the Atlas Copco business area Mining & Rock Excavation Technique. Focusing a sustainable increase in productivity of mining and tunneling projects, our enterprise develops innovative solutions and offers a global network to provide an extensive program of drilling and rock excavation equipment as well as related commodities and services. The main production centers are in Sweden, Italy, India, Japan and China. Our location is in Essen with territorial  responsibility Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The name HEINTZMANN has been a byword in German and international mining for more than 165 years. After emerging from this tradition, diverse innovative products have been developed to a stage of industrial maturity right up to today. The best known product is the TH support system, invented by Heinrich Toussaint and Egmont Heintzmann. Being in use in mining and tunneling since 1932 the TH support system is continuously improved. Today, we see ourselves as being a system supplier in the segments of mining and tunnel engineering, safety systems and road equipment as well as heat treatment. Through a special process and the according equipment at our premises – both developed by Heintzmann engineers – mining support steel is being quenched and tempered in Bochum since 1955. The outstanding quality of quenched and tempered TH profiles is among others the statically balanced resistance and the defined yield when used as yieldable support system. There has been a global demand for the Bochumer Eisenhuette products and services right up to today. Reliability and the highest quality and safety standards guarantee the successful realisation of demanding projects. Our latest products: Threatbar-bolts for mining and tunneling constructions and Planet Tubes, i.e.  seamless, hot-rolled steel pipes that are manufactured in a planetary skew rolling mill (PSM) before being hardened and tempered. Heintzmann headquarters is in  Bochum, Germany with sales offices and subsidiaries in 10 countries. 

The engineering company DOHMEN, HERZOG & Partner GmbH has been internationally successfully operating in the raw materials sector for more than 20 years. The main business units of the company are consulting engineering services and software development for the national and international mining industry, as well as IT-consulting and development of DP-applications and information systems. By consulting engineering services for the mining industry DH&P has established itself nationwide especially in complex licensing procedures. Likewise the close collaboration with the mining industry results in the successful development of the advanced planning- and information-system AutoPLAN related to survey and exploration data, modelling and evaluation of deposits, mine and pit layouts, mining engineering and reclamation proposals as well as licensing procedures.

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill, part of Royal Eijkelkamp, is a manufacturer of Sonic drilling and sampling equipment used for Mining Exploration, but also for Geotechnical Drilling and Environmental Drilling. The fast Sonic drilling technology can deliver highly representative samples in a wide variety of geological circumstances. Furthermore Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is able to provide solutions for Grade Control (for e.g. Ore Sorting) and Environmental Monitoring challenges in the Mining Industry.

The MARTIN ENGINEERING Corporation was founded in 1944 in Neponset, Illinois, USA, and is currently one of the world's leading companies providing solutions for bulk material handling and the optimization of conveyor systems. Along with the production and sales of a wide range of products, Martin Engineering is the leader in the area of conveyor belt inspection. Under the name “Walk The Belt” (WTB), highly qualified specialists inspect all of a conveyor system's components and provide the customer with a final written status report containing all weak points and the corresponding means of optimization, which can then be realized and implemented by Martin Engineering depending on the customer's expectations.

Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety. We hold world-leading positions in selected areas – tools and tooling systems for metal cutting; equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries; products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating. In 2016, the Group had approximately 43,000 employees and sales of 82 billion SEK in more than 150 countries within continuing operations.

TELE-FONIKA Kable SA (TF Kable) is in the list of top European cable producers with 100% Polish capital and significant development potential. Cables manufactured in our 6 plants are recognized by customers in more than 80 countries. Our range of cables includes approx. 30.000 types of products. The main area of expertise are MV, HV cables (500kV) as well as rubber cables for mining, O&G and material handling equipment sectors – TFK is in TOP 5 of global mining cables producers with turnover close to 800m €.