Call for Papers

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Authors are invited to submit abstracts (up to 1800 characters) for possible inclusion as poster or oral presentation in the conference program. Abstracts are to be submitted electronically via the abstract portal

Before submitting your abstract please register first as speaker for our conference!

Please note that abstract submission and conference registration are due by 1 April 2017. By submitting your abstract to the Second International Conference Mining in Europe you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The Second International Conference Mining in Europe will be the framework for a series of themes and topics. In the planned program, key advances in the following themes will be presented, and contributions are invited to the subsequent themes and related topics:

Mineral resources

  • Regulation efficiency 
  • Resource efficiency
  • Geostatistics and data management
  • Urban and landfill mining
  • Substitution & recycling
  • Critical raw materials
  • Exploration

Mining technologies

  • Newly developed machinery                                                                     
  • Innovative applications        
  • Alternative extraction methods                                                                      
  • Promising trends in innovation and research                                       
  • Innovation and supply of mining technology for global markets 
  • Mine design, mine planning and equipment selection                                                    
  • Rock mechanics and breakage                                                                 
  • Ventilation          
  • Marine and underwater mining
  • Mine Development and Shaft Sinking

Responsible mining

  • Mine closure
  • Post-mining land use
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Mine water
  • Risk management
  • Waste repositories
  • Ecosystem reconstruction
  • Mining legacies and long-term liabilities

We are happy to hearing from you!