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Becker Mining Systems AG

Becker Mining Systems is a system supplier for mining infrastructure with headquarters in Saarland. With 1.800 employees in every essential mining region in the world, the company, which is completely family-owned, sells its products to the leading mining companies. In addition to Germany, Becker Mining Systems is also represented by its own subsidiaries, sales offices or joint ventures in France, Poland, Russia, China, South Africa, Australia, the United States and Canada, and Chile. Since the middle of the 1980s, Becker Mining Systems has followed a consistent internationalisation strategy and thus countered the receding mining market in its home country.

Becker Mining Systems is the only worldwide supplier of complete energy distribution, automation, communication, transportation and roof support infrastructure for the underground mining industry. It is the technology leader of these markets. The products fulfil the highest demands for use in explosive atmospheres. The equipped mines mainly extract coal, gold, and platinum.

Becker Mining Systems looks back at strong growth in the last decades. Since 1985, the company‘s turnover has at least doubled every five years. In 2012, the Becker Mining Systems Group earned a consolidated turnover of EUR 260 million. Becker Mining Systems is active in almost all important mining markets worldwide, and the majority of the most important mining companies are on its list of customers.